Monday, September 19, 2011


I have been working with a variety of different staffing agencies and recruiters lately, and despite their differences one thing always ends up in the discussion, in usually the same manner:
What compensation/salary are you looking for?
While I won't discuss the numbers here, it boils down to the following aspects:

  • How far away do I have to travel?  (If the employer is outside the City, my requirement goes up)
  • How much travel is involved?  (While I love to travel, the more that I do within a job, my requirement goes up)
  • How much is work/life balance encouraged?  (If my work becomes my life, my requirement goes up)
  • What other benefits are offered?  (Primarily, if there's no health insurance with the offer, my requirement goes up)
I believe these are fair assessments to coming up with a number.  While I'm not against making money, I'm not out to fleece an employer--if I'm satisfied and able to contribute to growth within my position, then I'll settle for lower compensation.  For me, that's a part of the third bullet point, above, and one that I would look for in an employee that I supervise when addressing quality of life.

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