Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mind the Gap

Oh, what a motley crew is starting to collect on the social networks.  First there  was Netflix raising their prices.  Then there was Bank of America and Verizon adding fees.  And, most recently, there was the Susan G. Komen Foundation making funding changes.
Some of the actions of these organizations were reversed.  Some weren’t.  But all seemed to be missing an important component--a proactive approach to customers and contributors.
One would think, with large organizations like these, that public relations consultants or social-networking gurus would have been hired years ago to use innovation and market knowledge to gauge ahead of time through sample studies what kind of reaction new policies would get.  One would think that organizations of this size would find a way to “float” an idea to customers and/or contributors without flat-out presenting it or dictating it.  One would think that organizations of this size would find a cleaner way of presenting their initiatives than the approach of shoot first, apologize later.
What kind of person might fill such a position for a company of this size?
  • Someone with strong customer service skills;
  • Someone with strong analytical skills, in order to analyze trends, news sources, and social networking to determine best practices;
  • Someone who has the courage and support to bring their input to the boardroom;
  • Someone who has the communication skills to articulate and be diplomatic about keeping customers and stockholders (or donors) happy.
I wonder where these companies could find someone like that, says this blogger as she reviews her experience and skills and sighs.
Even more importantly, I wonder what company will do the shoot first, apologize later tactic next?

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