Monday, August 1, 2011

Number 15, Or, Looking Out For Your Team

This past week was the annual MLB trade hoopla, and something that I have a hard time following even in the easiest of years. What I usually try to do is wait for the storm to pass and then see who's still there when the smoke clears.

I'm a San Francisco Giants fan, and one of our first trades was for Carlos Beltran. I'm a big fan of Beltran, so I was pleased when the Giants' acquired him, despite the fact that he's still getting his sea legs. However, there was a story even better than Beltran's acquisition behind the scenes: Beltran's jersey number.

It matched the number of manager Bruce Bochy.

While Bochy has had the number for the number of years that he's been with San Francisco, his sentiment was this, and I'm paraphrasing: that number has been benched long enough. Bochy wanted to make his team comfortable, every last one of them, if it meant giving up his jersey number. These numbers get retired, and they are important to players. Bochy recognized this and acted on it.

And kept his team happy.

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