Monday, May 16, 2011

Resume Parts & Pieces, The Profile

Before I go too deeply into my philosophies on timely events in the workplace, it occurs to me that I should give an in-depth introduction of myself, via posts, and expound a little on my resume. I'm not a big fan of the resume--the color of the writing is usually pretty limited, and, in my view, a little more difficult to read, so what better way to get to know me than by giving you my resume in plain and hopefully more entertaining prose? Today, we'll be looking at my profile.

First and foremost, I'm passionate about making sure that the customer's happiness and the employee's job satisfaction equal out. I train employees and consult leadership to that effect. My mission is to create total buy-in from the employee to create a customer experience that is the most personalized and comprehensive to the customer's needs--which I believe in turn develops a customer service "talent" in the employee that therefore gives them a greater sense of accomplishment.

To do this requires strengths in communications, technology, teaching skills, and a passion for people. It also requires a lot of work in data analysis and documentation--I can't inspect my expectations of my employee or my consultee if I'm not checking and adjusting and marking progress. Attention to detail partners with this strength as well, although my purpose is NOT to micromanage. My purpose is to solve the business challenges, and usually that's done on my feet, "ad hoc" so to speak, with follow-up required to check for understanding and change.

All of these workings are done with the company's objectives in mind, not mine. What usually occurs is a debriefing of what management wants, then an observation of employees, then an observation of customer behavior, and then...the tweaking begins so that the three shall meet. Sometimes that requires compromise on the part of all three parties, but that's rare--my main objective is to make the company's mission statement make applicable sense to its employees in a way that the customer will buy into immediately.

Most of my experience in this practice comes from phone/call center and on-line work with customers and companies, while working face-to-face with the employee and their leadership. I have retail/face-to-face experience with customers, but my expertise with any kind of company lies in phone/internet communications and metrics. I have become adept at social networks and blogging to bring my message to leaders and their employees, and it's a trait that gains and keeps the attention of both groups--not to mention making it a more exciting communication experience for me.

Next time I'll talk about my experience and how it's contributed to the practice and perfection of my skills, beginning with my most current work at WW Grainger.

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